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Class NK document on latest MSC1206 status.
full story...

IMO Deck Equipment correspondence group enters MSC1206 consultation. full story...

Schat-Harding acquires Willem Pot BV full story...

Industry working group formed full story...

Astoria lifeboat accident full story...

Intertanko, Intercargo and ILAMA initiative full story...

Other Links

UK P&I Bulletin
Ref MCA MGN (lifeboat accidents)

IMARS (International Maritime Accident Reporting Scheme)
Short note regarding number of lifeboat accidents.

Website commentary, based on MAIB report.

Steamship Mutual newsletter. Mainly concerned with operator error and lack of training.

Yahoo group.
General thread conversation, including reports from MAIB. Note: very little or no reference made to maintenance.

Standard Steamship newsletter - General good practise

Austrailian Union - Advice to members - magazine report on accidents

Greek shipping forum. Note: see bottom of page.

Fassmer website - referring that MSC1206 is now mandatory - this is not correct!

Balitang (Indonesian) report on DE51 MSC1206

Intertanko report on MSC1206
Nth England P&I - General comments and links to MSC1206

mmsystems (Norwegeian) forum posting

Yahoo Group
Forum posting - Schat Harding applauds GL

Posting Note first paragraph - "Schat insisting that it becomes mandatory"

BBC news report St Rognvald accident

Hatecke - MSC 1206 - non-mandatory statement