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Lifeboat Reports - Release gear related incidents/Lack of familiarity

The following accident reports show common causes of accidents related to lifeboat equipment. These accidents are not attributable to non-OEM maintenance and would not have been prevented by MSC 1206.

All these reports show where a lack of familiarity with the equipment or incorrect usage resulted in an incident.

Please forward other notices of reports to the site administrators via the forum or email

Canada accident report - Iolocos Grace
Release gear not reset correctly.

Canada accident report - Farandole
Lack of familiarity and training. Release gear not reset correctly.

Australia report - Washington Trader
Release gear partially rest reset, complex system.

New Zealand accident report - Aratere
Release gear not reset correctly. Lack of familiarity

USCG safety alert
Camsafe lifeboat release gear.

Incorrect setting of release gear.

UK P&I - Safety bulletin
Shigi release gear

Australia accident report - Ma Cho
Release gear not reset correctly

Australia accident report - Alianthos
Release gear not reset correctly. Poor information available to crew.

UK P&I - Release gear incident comment
Lack of familiarity.

New Zealand Navy accident report
Release gear failure due to non-familarity, bad design and no maintenance.

Australia accident report - Port Arthur
Lack of familiarity - no training.

Australia accident report - Kayax
Release gear. Lack of familiarity - no training. Not able to understand manuals.

Australia accident report - Waddens
Release gear not reset correctly - accidental release.

Australia accident report - Maersk Pomor
Lack of familiarity - poor design.

MAIB - accident report - European Highway
lack of familiarity - operator error.

MAIB - Fort Victoria - On road release test.
Lack of familiarity with system. Lack of procedures and hazard perception.

Accidental releases
Portland Camsafe.

Bridge log website - Accident report
Release gear not set correctly.

Shigi release gear problems

Finland accident report
Crew lack of familiarity

Finland accident report
Not following instructions.

Hong Kong - Ogrady
Lack of familiarity